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Winter is coming.

Massage Therapy can to help reduce winter blues.

Full Body massage



-Hot Oil




and more..

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Massage is a treatment in which the hands are used for stroking, kneading, rubbing, pulsating, and gentle hitting, which has a beneficial effect on the skeletal muscles, blood and lymphatic circulation, and improves general well-being.  The essential oils used for massage mainly exert their beneficial effects by entering the skin and the deeper tissues and circulatory system, however, the benefits of the essential oils that are vaporize and inhaled during the massage may also be felt. The plant-based oils used in the preparation of massage oils are not only important vehicles for delivery, but are also rich in the oleic acids and essential fatty acids found in the protective layer of the skin, so they add - among others - skin-softening and skin-nourishing effects to the beneficial characteristics of essential oils found in massage oils.

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